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What is Mold?

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What Is Mold?

By definition mold is a microscopic fungus and has the potential to grow on any type of organic material. In order for mold to grow it requires 3 items:

  •   •   A food source.
  •   •   An ambient temperature of 68 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  •   •   The host material that mold grows on must have a moisture content level above 16%.

Mold is one of the most prevalent fungi in the world. It can literally grow almost anywhere. A food source for mold is any type of organic material i.e. sheet rock, dirt, carpet, wood, paper, dead skins cells, decaying plant growth and a variety of other materials that are or once were living. This creates a problem for us as humans because all of these items are found in abundance inside our homes. Mold typically requires an ambient temperature between 68 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit to sustain active mold growth. Ironically, this mirrors the normal temperature range of the average home, which in turn greatly elevates the risk of mold growth inside the home. When temperatures are above or below these levels mold does not die but rather slows down its growth or goes completely dormant. Once the temperature range returns to the liking of the mold its growth continues right where it left off. When we take into account that almost everything inside our homes is a viable food source for mold and that the average person keeps there indoor temperature between 65 and 85 degrees it becomes painfully obvious that our homes have the potential to become giant mold factories! In order to prevent mold growth the only item that we can reasonably control is the moisture level inside our home. In Utah the normal moisture content for sheet rock is typically between 8-10% and studs/2×4’s are 10-12%. If we take into account that these items are already very close to the moisture content level necessary to support mold growth it becomes inherently obvious that with just a little bit of water inside our home mold growth will occur.

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