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Why To Professionally Treat Water Damages from Floods

21 July 2014


 July 21, 2014
Serious flood damage that can lead to worse circumstances if untreated.
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A common question we receive from homeowners is “how do I treat water damage myself?” That’s a great question and not one that can be easily explained. Most homeowner are under the impression that if they dry out their carpet everything will be okay.

The problem with any homeowner doing their own water damage project is that they typically don’t have the right tools to assess the damages. Professionals own thousands of dollars worth of equipment that can accurately detect water damage, locate what areas are wet, and potentially help locate where the problem is coming from. If left untreated, unseen moisture can lead to dangerous mold problems or warping of ceiling, walls or floor that will be more costly down the road. Like all industries, there is a reason why professionals exist; it’s so that you as a homeowner don’t have to guess if you did the job right or wrong.

As a water damage restoration company, we give free estimates to take the “guessing” out of the game. Why try to do it yourself when you can have an experienced IICRC professional come out to your home and give a free evaluation? We pride ourselves on superior service and qualified technicians who can help identify and remediate problems.  Give us a call if you are one of those homeowners who is thinking of doing your own water damage project!

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