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Water damage on an old floor.
Mold damage from a serious flood.
Caved in roof from water damage.
High-definition mold damage on wall.
Spotty mold that can lead to sickness if not treated.
Mold damage that was once behind a piece of furniture.
Spacious kitchen affected by water damage, from the ceiling to the floor.
Serious water damage in spacious kitchen.
Serious water damage and ice on wooden cabinets.
Water destruction, leading to paint peeling and insulation falling out.
Mold damage that was once behind a piece of furniture.
Mold damage in desperate need of remediation.
Serious mold damage on wall.
Foundations of a home after serious damage.
Serious flood damage and disrepair in home.
Serious damage and disrepair on cement walls in home.
Charring, sewage, mold, and plant life in toilet.
Severe mold and plantlife infestation in toilet.
Sewage and mold damage underneath a home.
QDC worker after a particularly gritty job.
Extreme mold damage in basement.

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