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How to Remove Mold

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How To Remove Mold

sm-iStock_000001852096SmallOften times we get phone calls from homeowners asking how to remove mold. This can be a very difficult question to answer over the phone simply due to the fact that without seeing the situation we can’t accurately assess what the problem is and how to address it. However there are a few items that we can recommend a homeowner never does if they are dealing with mold problems.

  1. Never put a fan on mold. This will blow mold spores through the house and make it worse.
  2. If you see mold don’t start tearing it out without properly containing the area. When you tear out mold it only spreads the problem because the spores become airborne and spreads throughout other areas of the house.
  3. Avoid letting the affected area get moisture. Moisture is one of the main ingredients for mold to continue growing.
  4. Avoid sleeping in the area that is affected. Close doors where the mold is and call a professional to assess the situation.

Things you should do

  1. Call Quality Disaster Cleanup to receive a free evaluation
  2. Avoid exposure to the area that is affected
  3. If possible cover the affected area that has mold so it can’t continue “breathing” and emitting spores into the air.

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