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Cutout image of Weight Assisted RollerWeight Assisted Roller All of us have seen carpet cleaners use a "wand" while cleaning carpets or to suck up water. A carpet cleaning company will usually use this tool because they are inexpensive and also because they do not know that there are other more effective options available. Quality Disaster Cleanup uses a tool called the Hydro-Ex to remove water from carpets. This piece of equipment can extract as much as 25 gallons more water out of the carpet and padding than a wand. Because we use the Hydor-Ex we are able to dry your home much faster than other restoration companies.

Cutout image of Drying FansFans Everybody knows what if you have water in your house you need to get air flow going as soon as possible. The only problem is that the common household owner wants to use their spare bedroom fan to dry it out. Unfortunately it could take weeks for that poor little fan to have any effect on drying out the structure. Or, they go and rent a fan from The Home Depot that only moves 900 CFM’s of air. Quality Disaster Cleanup uses Commercial Grade Fans that move 3500 CFM’s of air which means your home dries a whole lot faster. A good fan is essential to making sure that you don’t grow mold later on down the road.

Cutout image of Moisture MetersMoisture Meters A moisture meter is absolutely essential to detecting problems within the house. Many times people will tell us that the water only got their carpet wet and nothing else. The majority of the time when we show up there are many other areas that received water damage. The most common area that gets wet that people never know about is found within the walls of the home. Touch is not an effective way of telling if your sheetrock is wet. The sheetrock would have to be almost 100% saturated for your hand to know it’s wet. Hi-tech water meters can tell you the percentage of water in walls, carpet, hard wood floors, vinyl, studs, etc. In this way we are able make sure that your entire home is dried properly to help ensure that you don’t end up growing mold.

Cutout image of DehumidifierDehumidifier Why would you need a dehumidifier in the state of Utah? Aren’t we in a dessert? Even though Utah is a very dry state when you have a water loss in your home a dehumidifier is essential to help make sure that all moisture is removed from building materials such as sheetrock, studs, insulation etc. A dehumidifier will pull moisture out of the air and solid materials so that your house can dry.

Cutout image of Hepa-FilterHepa-Filter Many times when a homeowner has a water or sewage loss there is a great amount of demolition that has to occur inside the home to help it return to it’s pre-loss condition. Many times demolition is required in a home in order to return it to a safe habitable environment. In some cases it is necessary to tear out such items as tearing out sheetrock, tile, wood floors, laminate, ceilings, vinyl, subfloors, etc. When this happens it is inevitable that there will be debris and contaminants that go into the air. A Hepa-Filter will help purify the air so that you do not end up breathing dangerous mold spores or other bacterial contaminants that can make your sick or even cause death. It is critical to have a Hepa-Filter system in place under these conditions.

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