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If you have experienced a sewage emergency and are in the Layton, Utah area, contact Quality Disaster Cleanup today. Our crews can respond to any emergency in the Layton, Utah area in an hour or less, ready to clean up any sewage mess you may have. Whether it is a sewage backup or a broken pipe, QDC can have the mess cleaned up faster than most other disaster cleanup companies in Utah. Call us today.

A sewage backup can be quite nasty, and very unhealthy for your home and family. If you experience a sewage backup, call us today and we can have a crew out to your Layton home in an hour or less.

Sewage is the most dangerous water loss inside a home. Sewage is classified as any type of material that originates from beyond the trap. Many people mistakenly think that when water comes up through a floor drain that it is not dangerous. This is incorrect, once water has entered the sewer line it has the potential to bring bacteria and viruses back into the home that are potentially deadly.

Category 3 Water Loss (sewage) – Category 3 losses are grossly contaminated and can contain pathogenic, toxic and/or other harmful agents. Such water may contain silt, organic matter, pesticides, heavy metals, or toxic organic substances. Category 3 losses have the potential to cause serious illness and/or death. Category 3 losses include all water that originates from a source beyond the Pea Trap regardless of color or content.

  • Example – Category 3 losses include sewage; toilet backflows that originate from beyond the trap regardless of visible
    content or color; all forms of flooding from seawater; surface water, RAIN WATER, or other weather related events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions to a homeowner when they call in.

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If my toilet backs up and floods my bathroom and surround rooms is it covered?
In most cases yes, however always call your insurance provider to double check your policy.
If my main sewer line breaks and floods my house does insurance cover that?
Depending upon your policy and what type of endorsements you have there may be a chance of coverage.

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