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IMG_1769Contact Quality Disaster Cleanup today for all of your mold remediation needs. We serve the entire Layton & Salt Lake City, Utah metro area, including Logan and Park City, and can handle all types of mold problems, including black mold and stachybotrys mold. Mold problems are currently on the rise as a result of our efforts to make our homes more energy efficient.

Because houses are being built more efficiently they do not allow fresh air to circulate in and out of the home, and therefore trap moisture inside. This moisture can lead to active mold growth.

We charge a fee for mold estimates – call for details.

Frequently Asked Questions:

High-definition mold damage on wall.
Serious mold damage on wall.
What Is Mold?
By definition mold is a microscopic fungus and has the potential to grow on any type of organic material. Read More>>
How Can Mold Make You Sick?
Mold typically does not produce any immediate physical side effects; therefore awareness to the dangers of mold is essential. Read More>>
How To Remove Mold
There are a few items that we can recommend a homeowner never does if they are dealing with mold problems. Read More>>
Insurance Questions
A commonly asked question we get with regards to mold is “will my insurance cover mold?” Read More>>
What Is Clearance Testing?
When doing a mold remediation project a homeowner has the option of having an air test performed. Read More>>

We charge a fee for mold estimates - call for details.

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