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4 March 2016
 March 4, 2016
Heavy and dangerous ice dams on sloped Utah roof.

Are Ice Dams Dangerous? 10 Things Everybody Should Know About Roof Ice Dams.

Have you ever looked at your roof and noticed the gnarly icicles and wall of ice and snow gradually growing larger and slowly creeping […]

30 November 2015
 November 30, 2015
Service worker fixing leaky pipes.

Holiday Disaster Prevention – More Cheer and Less Fear! Don’t Let a Plumbing or Water Damage Emergency Ruin Your Christmas.

The Holidays are meant to be enjoyed with those you love the most. Don’t let unnecessary disasters ruin your Christmas or New Year’s. The […]

24 September 2015
 September 24, 2015
Water and ice damage on wooden cabinets.

Is Your Home Ready for The Colder Weather? A back-to-school list for your house!

Leaves are changing colors, kids are back to school and the temps are dropping. The mountains have already seen their first snowfall of the […]

31 August 2015
 August 31, 2015
Clean and pristine Utah home.

Leaving for Vacation? Don’t Come Home to a Disaster!

Summer is in full swing in Utah and you may be planning on taking a family vacation.  Before leaving home, there are a few […]

18 May 2015
 May 18, 2015
Pristine and clean toilet thanks to sewage services.

A Stinky Situation: What to Do If You Have a Sewer Backup In Your House. It’s More Dangerous Than You Think.

Yuck.  We all turn our noses up when we think of sewage. Especially when it overflows or backs up into our homes. What may […]