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Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Cover Water Damage? What You Must Know Before It’s Too Late!

12 December 2014


 December 12, 2014
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Homeowners Insurance Policies in Utah often tend to vary slightly from one company to the next in how they cover water damage and what they actually cover.  It is extremely important to review your policy thoroughly so you have a good understanding of what is or isn’t covered when it comes to mold, sewage, and water damage restoration.  If you can’t easily find the information or it isn’t clear, it’s a good idea to call your agent for clarification and make any adjustments to maximize your coverages. Because the temperatures in Salt Lake City can change rapidly exposing your home to a higher risk of frozen or broken pipes,  it is important to be prepared in the event of a water loss.

Here are some items to look for in your homeowner’s policy:

-Make sure your policy has the sewer backup endorsement.  This will provide coverage in the event of a sewer system backup or a sump pump failure that results in an overflow.

-Find out what types of water your policy covers. Are sprinklers covered? Is groundwater covered? Will you need to add supplemental Flood Insurance to your policy?  Each insurance provider has varying levels of coverages and exclusions, so don’t just assume every type of water loss is covered.

-Is all household plumbing considered a covered loss in your policy?

-Does your policy have specific time limits of how long water sits before it isn’t a covered loss.

-Does your policy cover mold? Is testing and abatement included and how much is covered?

-Is asbestos abatement covered with your policy?  While asbestos is no longer used in newer homes, your home may have hidden issues if it is an older home.  Once discovered or if in need of removal, only a licensed asbestos abatement company can perform the work.  This can be costly and should be considered when looking into your homeowners policy.

-Does your insurance cover rodent infestation, varmints, and or vermin?  Massive amounts of damage can be caused by these furry little creatures that can lead to major electrical, insulation and water leak issues.  Additionally, rodent excrement is highly toxic if ingested or inhaled and must be addressed immediately.

-Do you have earthquake insurance?  This is not always standard in a homeowners policy and can require supplemental coverage.

-Is wind and hail damage part of your policy?  Your roof and gutters can be damaged, leading to water leaks,  water damage, structural damage and mold.  Given the nature of cold temperatures and snow storms in Salt Lake City, it is important to know the extent of your protection for storm damage.

 At Quality Disaster Cleanup, we have first-hand experience in dealing with disasters in the home.  If you have questions regarding what to look for in a policy or what to ask your insurance agent, feel free to contact us at 801-436-5225 before a disaster strikes. You may also visit our insurance questions page for more information on the insurance billing process in the event of water damage or other disasters covered by your insurance policy.

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