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Tips To Avoid A Flooded Basement When It Gets Hot Outside

5 June 2014


 June 5, 2014
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Don’t want to turn your basement into an unwanted swimming pool this Summer? These must-read tips can protect you from a flooded basement before it’s too late! Summertime is here and there are a few things every homeowner should know to help eliminate the possibility of having water damage occur in your home. When it gets hot outside, homeowners inevitably use more water to help keep things cool. Every time a homeowner uses a “plumbing” source, the change of having incurring water damage increases. Here are the most common things a homeowner can do to help mitigate potential flooding:


  • 1.     Make sure your sprinklers are scheduled to turn on when you are awake. Many people have their automatic timers set for when they are asleep. If a pipe breaks, you won’t know until you wake up in the morning and walk across your flooded basement carpet.


  • 2.     If kids choose to play out in the yard with the hose water turned on, make sure you monitor your children’s activities. You may love your little ones to death, but when they put a hose in the window well and let it run for 2-3 hours you may not have that same love for them!


  • 3.     If you go on vacation, turn your main water line off. Many people leave their main line on while gone for the week. If anything goes wrong with your plumbing system nobody will know about it until you come home from vacation. A week’s worth of water running can flood an enter house and cause thousands of dollars of damage.


  • 4.     Remember, if you leave town, have somebody do a daily walk through of your home to make sure nothing disastrous occurs.


If you follow some of these basic steps you will eliminate a lot of unwanted stress and should be able to sleep soundly at night.  However, if you do suffer a flooded basement or any water damage, please call right away to have the water extracted and the site evaluated for damage before dangerous mold forms and your carpet and walls are completely ruined.  Be sure to use a licensed and certified water damage restoration or disaster cleanup company.  Quality Disaster Cleanup is licensed, IICRC Certified and standing by 24 hours a day to respond to your emergency.

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