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A Messy Situation - When to Use an Insurance Company vs. Doing It Yourself

24 September 2016


 September 24, 2016
House with flood damage concept with water reflections.

What do you do when you have a fire, sewage or water disaster at your house? Do you call a plumber? Do you call your insurance agent? Your neighbors? Or do you call a Disaster Restoration Company in Utah?  Many people only have one true disaster during their lifetime and they have no idea what they should actually do when it happens.

Obviously everybody’s definition of a disaster varies so it depends upon one’s perspective.

Stay Calm. Don’t Panic!  There are a few steps that will help make the process easier for every homeowner.

1. When in doubt, call a trusted disaster cleanup or restoration company. How do you know if they are trusted? Many times you can call your insurance agent and ask them who they trust and recommend. Normally they will give you 2-3 names of companies they work with that they like. If your insurance agent is not available and you need immediate help, you can search the internet for a water damage restoration company that is IICRC certified and will work directly with your insurance company. Search terms like Water Damage Restoration Salt Lake City or Restoration Companies Utah, etc. to see who is available and how soon they can get there if it is an emergency.

2. Have the Disaster Cleanup Company give an assessment of the damages. If you aren’t sure if it’s worth a claim, get at least 2 different opinions to make sure each company is being honest with you

3. Determine whether it’s worth filing a claim or paying out of pocket. Many times your insurance agent can give advice on what they feel is best for you. Ultimately the decision is the homeowners.

4. If you end up making a claim or hiring a disaster cleanup company, make sure they give you something in writing with regards to what they will do. Even if it’s a basic estimate it will still help everybody hold each other accountable.

5. If you end up doing it yourself make sure you know all of the issues at hand before starting. Many times homeowners don’t know certain areas are “affected” from the loss because they don’t have the proper meters. Many times this results in musty smelling homes, mold growth and other secondary damages. Sewage backups are especially dangerous because the bacteria and other pathogens can remain in the carpet even after it appears to be dry.  Because you dealing with potential health threats, it’s important to weigh all your options.

Did you know Quality Disaster Cleanup gives Free estimates? Have us come out to check out your “disaster” and we will make sure we give you an honest and fair assessment for your house. Please visit our website for info on Do-it-Yourself Tips or for general info on water damage restoration or sewage cleanup.

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