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How To Prevent Water Damage From Frozen and Broken Pipes

12 November 2014


 November 12, 2014
Leaky pipe in need of pipe repairs. Failure to repair can lead to water damage.
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Water damage caused by a frozen pipe break is a common fear among Salt Lake City residents this time of year.  As temperatures drop in the Valley, especially in the benches or in Park City, pipes can freeze.  Frozen water expands and eventually causes a pipe to crack or break. As the pipe begins to thaw and water begins flowing again, the water seeps out of the crack or hole in the pipe and can cause water damage or flooding in your home.

Here are some tips to prevent frozen pipes and what to do if your pipes freeze:

  1. Make sure to disconnect hose bibs from the exterior of the house. If left connected there is a good chance the water left inside the hose will travel up into the pipe and freeze and crack.

  1. Make sure to have all sprinkler lines “blown” out so that the residual water doesn’t crack the pipes and create a flood in the spring time.

  1. Make sure your evaporative coolers have been winterized. If the water line is left on it can freeze and crack inside the cold attic.

  1. When you are away for the holidays, make sure to turn the water off to your house. If you leave the water turned on while gone it has a greater likelihood of freezing because the water isn’t circulating which allows for the pipe to freeze more easily.a

  1. If you don’t want to turn the water off to your house make sure you leave a few of your faucets dripping so that the water is continually running.

Unfortunately temperatures can drop unexpectedly and can lead to frozen pipes that burst.  In the event of a broken pipe followed by water damage, wet carpets or basements, be sure to call both a plumber and Water Damage Restoration company to mitigate the problem.  Sometimes dangerous mold can form and property damage can occur if not treated properly.  At Quality Disaster Cleanup, we can bring a licensed plumber with us to handle the broken pipe while we clean up the water damage, ensuring both repairs are completed properly and seamlessly.  Quality Disaster Cleanup is available 24 hours a day and offer emergency service.  Call us now at 801-436-5225 for immediate response.

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