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23 February 2017


 February 23, 2017
Severe mold spots in a family home.
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The more one searches for information about mold, the more confused one is likely to become given the multitude of opinions that exist on websites all around. So what do you believe? Who do you trust?  I’m writing to give a brief summary about the truth about mold.

Let’s start from the beginning. Mold remediation is nothing new. In fact, regulations for mold clean up date back thousands of years as written in the Old Testament in the book of Leviticus.  Leviticus 14:54,55 states, “these are the regulations for defiling molds in a fabric or in a house.” Leading up to that verse, in verses 33-55 in the same chapter, complete guidelines on how to abate mold are written to Moses.  It even has an inspector (a priest) determine the source of mold (“if it has reddish or greenish depressions that appear to be deeper than the surface” which means if it has penetrated into the clay). Amazing right?

So for thousands of years, it has been taught that mold indoors in potentially harmful.  Although the Bible doesn’t tell us why it needs to be removed, science has taught us that certain people are sensitive to particular species of molds and thus, mold indoors in potentially harmful to individuals.

So let me clarify, I am not a medical expert nor am I a scientist, but I am an expert on mold and have testified as such in several states around the US. We do know certain species of mold are potentially harmful. We also know that the term “black mold” and “toxic mold” have been sensationalized by the media to sell stories.   In my opinion, when someone asks me (or our company) if they have “black mold”, what they are actually inquiring about is if they have mold contamination levels that could potentially make them or people sick.  Mold contamination (not black mold or toxic mold) is what we are concerned about and whether it is enough to warrant concern.  The health affects may vary depending on the age of the individual or the age of the mold, the health conditions of the individual, the species of mold(s), the level and extent of contamination, and the frequency and duration of exposure to said mold contamination.

So, you are concerned, now what? With the plethora of articles and information about mold, it’s critical to find someone or a company you can trust. I would recommend reaching out to your insurance agent and asking for a referral.  Additionally, you can check websites like for qualified contractors or and see a list of certified contractors. Of course, you can visit our website at for more information or call Quality Disaster Cleanup to speak to a trained professional in the Utah area.

Remember, there is no magic remediation method. In our opinion, traditional mold removal is the most thorough and the safest.  This includes removal of the mold spores from your property through demolition, filtration and cleaning.  Porous materials like sheetrock, carpet, and ceiling tiles must be removed when they show active mold growth, while semi-porous and non-porous materials like wood, metals and concrete can be effectively cleaned.

Eric Anderson, Mold Expert/President
The Truth About Mold



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